Identity Wars: Why Apple Pay Is About More Than Payments


Editor’s Note: Patrick Salyer is the chief executive officer of Gigya, a customer identity management company.

There’s been no shortage of attention paid to the launch of the new iPhones, with their array of shiny new features, bigger screens and better hardware. Early reviews seem to indicate that the company has, yet again, come through with another massive success.

Many of those who stood in around-the-block lines or refreshed their Internet browsers incessantly just for the pleasure of pre-ordering probably were thinking about the differences between the two new phones: Do I get the model with the 4.7-inch screen or the 5.5-inch screen? Do I go with the space gray, gold or silver finish? Do I really need the 1920-by-1080-pixel camera resolution?

All perfectly fair questions to ask when buying a new phone but not as important as this: When you buy the new iPhone, you’re not just purchasing your next phone; you’re making…

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