Social Media Basics for Food Lovers

Now, if you enjoy food as much as I do, then you may have on occasion stumbled upon a food blog or two. Don’t be a shamed. It’s only natural to want to see pictures of amazing dishes. People have been documenting food since the 1600’s! Maybe you even thought of creating a blog yourself and showing the world just how wonderful a chef you are. Maybe, like me, you just like to eat food and want to shout to the world just how great that cheeseburger you ate is. Regardless, in this article you will be armed with all the tools and platforms you need  to start in order to brag to fellow foodies just how much you love to eat.

During my time as a content manager for a food website, I’ve had the pleasure of eating and documenting many delicious dishes throughout New York City. Below is the list of my favorite social media websites that I used.

1)      Pinterest


    This site is perfect for food images. In fact, the food category in Pinterest is by far the most looked at. Don’t believe me? Here are the stats: 57 percent of user’s interacted with food related content, by far the most of any category.  What’s great about Pinterest is that it is absolutely free. All you have to do is create an account and post away.  When you start the account you have the option of creating as many boards as you like. I would recommend that you do at least 8 boards. I personally have 12 different boards ranging from pizza to pasta. I highly recommend that you only post quality images. So forget about the camera phone pictures. Pinterest is a network for sharing. People only want to see the best, so don’t short change yourself by posting less than stellar photos. Why? Because in Pinterest “repins” are the name of the game. Users have the option to repin posts of others pictures on the site on to their boards. This is what makes the sites so viral. You should also repin images from other websites with their “pin it” button and populate your boards. The more images you have on your boards—the better.

This is also great for inspiring food bloggers. Because when you post an amazing picture, the chances are high that your photo will be repined. And if you link the photo back to your food blog, when someone clicks on the photo they will be directed there. Again, the stats don’t lie. The site drives more referrals to sites than Google +, LinkedIn and YouTube combined. Pinterest is a great way to get free and effective traffic back to any website.

Which bring me to my second favorite site for would be food bloggers.

2) WordPress:


You’ve taken the time to make sure the dish you just made or ordered (no one’s judging) looks fantastic. Now it’s time to show off your food vocabulary. Well, all you have to do is go to and create a free login. There you can customize (this may cost, depending on how far you go) your blog and post all the wonderful experiences you’ve had eating that delicious dish. If you linked back your images on Pinterest back to your blog, there’s a good chance that people will be able to see just how wonderful your writing is!

Of course there are more advanced techniques and sites that you can use once you get a strong hold on food blogging. But these two sites will help you get the ball rolling. Let me know if you have any thoughts or questions?

-Daniel Pleacoff

4 thoughts on “Social Media Basics for Food Lovers

  1. Daniel
    That was entertaining as well as informative. (Its helps I share your passion for food!)

    I’m somewhat familiar with Pinterest, but was amazed at the stats you provided. For example, 57% of users interacted with food content and the numbers of referrals as compared to Google +, LinkedIn and Youtube.

    One of the issues I’ve encountered with businesses is creating a uniform presence across the internet and taking into account each platforms differences. You tied in how to interrelate Pinterest and a blog in this case. For example, using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog. This was well thought out.

    One question I’ve always had concerned the sizes of images within a board. There isn’t any uniformity in size which I thought might be a distraction to those viewing a particular board. From what I recall, unless all the pictures have the same dimensions, you’ll end up with the varied image sizes within the board. My assumption is, it’s just the way Pinterest works. Any comments or recommendations on this?



  2. Tim, you ask a great question in terms on the image size layouts on Pinterest. In an ideal world you would have all the images on your boards the same size to create a more esthetically pleasing feel. However, what is more important is the quality of all the images. Don’t forget, you’re going to be “repinning” a lot of your images from others on to your boards. So it will be almost impossible to find the same dimensions of images. Hope that was helpful!

  3. Dan
    Very entertaining blog. I really enjoyed reading it. I am such a visual person which is why I like Pinterest. It would be a great choice–like you sad to show beautiful pictures of deliious food dishes. I know presentaion is important for chefs. Too bad they don’t have an Aroma app yet!!

    Good luck

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